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Power to the Admins⚡🔌

November 15, 2023

Welcome to a new era of user management for administrators! If you're an admin within your account, you've likely reached out to customer support for assistance in adding a new user. While our support team strives to provide timely assistance, we understand your desire for greater independence in managing your user base. This freedom is now within your reach thanks to our latest product update. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce you to two groundbreaking features: the ability to add users independently and our innovative Group functionality.

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Adding Users:

Power to Admins Blog Pic 2Admins, rejoice! You now have the power to add and manage users on your own. Begin by navigating to the dashboard, where you can select the profile icon and access your account settings. From there, you'll find various tabs such as Buildings and Webhooks, but our focus today is on the Users tab. Once you're in the Users section, click on Users to open the dropdown menu. Here's where the real fun begins. You can remove users effortlessly by selecting the three dots next to their name and clicking "delete." No more sending emails to request user removal; admins can now do it themselves.

Adding a user is as seamless as adding a new layer or field to your map. Scroll to the last user in your list and select the plus sign. This allows you to input the new user's full name, email address, and their designated role. What's even better is that users can now update their email addresses in real-time. If your organization switches domains, there's no need to fill out spreadsheets and send emails for corrections. Admins can simply select the user's name within the account and make the necessary updates. This will ensure that work orders and reminders reach the correct email addresses, even after changes.

Please note that new users from third parties will be pending until reviewed by iamGIS to ensure they are from approved organizations.


Many users and organizations have expressed the need to assign work orders to general email addresses that reach multiple users. For instance, you might want to assign a work order to an entire department without selecting each individual. This is where Groups come into play. With Groups, users can create and manage specific groups, streamlining notifications and permissions. For instance, if you want everyone in the water department to be part of the "Water Department" group, it's easily achievable.

By clicking on Groups and selecting the plus sign, you can create a group, name it (e.g., "Water Department"), and choose the users to include. The beauty of Groups is that there is no limit to the number of users in a group. Admins can even customize the group's photo for easy identification.

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Now, when creating a new work order or setting a reminder on an asset, you can assign the entire group, simplifying the process. Every user in the group will receive notifications about the assigned event. Admins also have the ability to adjust security settings for all group members, making user management more efficient.

If you ever need to change a group's permission settings, the system will highlight all affected users, ensuring a transparent transition. Additionally, if one of your admins is part of a group with limited permissions, changing their role to admin will override the group settings, preserving their administrative access.


In conclusion, these new product updates grant administrators unprecedented control over their accounts, eliminating the need for frequent requests to add or modify users. This enhanced functionality empowers admins to efficiently manage users and groups, making user management a breeze. With these tools at your disposal, your organization's GIS experience is now more streamlined and user-friendly than ever before. Embrace the future of user management with iamGIS and experience the freedom and autonomy you deserve. Say goodbye to the hassle of requesting new user additions and welcome a more efficient way of managing your system.