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Manage your assets with way easier software

Combine the power of GIS mapping, asset management, and work orders into a single cloud-based mobile platform

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ArcGIS Integration

Our seamless two-way integration with Esri allows you to automatically pull data and layers into iamGIS.



GIS Mapping

Create and update interactive maps. iamGIS is 100% compatible with Trimble and other GPS devices.



Asset Management

Easily track and manage your city's assets in real-time with unlimited data and media storage.



Work Orders

Create, track and manage the daily tasks and report on all data you need to run your operations.

Digitally track and manage your infrastructure, streamline tasks and work orders, and report on all data needed to run your operations.









Built For Your Industry


Public Works & Utilities

With our mapping and asset management capabilities, public works departments can digitally track and manage a wide range of infrastructure assets, including roads, bridges, fire hydrants, water lines, manholes and more.

Cities and Special Districts Using Esri

Multiply your team's capacity by enabling staff throughout the city to track and manage assets from their mobile device. With our two-way integration with ArcGIS, you can automatically pull all layers and assets from ArcGIS into iamGIS. 

Use iamGIS for asset management and work orders for assets already created in ArcGIS or easily create new assets in iamGIS by using a bluetooth device or plotting through iamGIS’ mobile maps.

Use the slider to see how easy it is to view assets from ArcGIS in iamGIS.

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Facilities Management

Capture 2D and 4K 3D models of any facility. Digitize your blueprints and floorplans in 2D or 3D scan your facilities to create a powerful digital twin.

Add additional levels of floor plan and enrich asset data by attaching photos, videos, and standard operating procedure guides to each asset.

3D models seamlessly integrate with iamGIS empowering you to manage assets and track work orders. 

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Special Districts

Keep tabs across all your Special District assets with visual mapping and custom fields. Whether you're a Water District, Park District, Fire District or any other type of Special District, use iamGIS to track and maintain all assets and data for preventative maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

Easy asset management is at your fingertips from any mobile device.

Work orders. Asset management. Mapping. Made simple.

Clint Zimmerman

Water Superintendent, Norwood, OH

"The software is incredibly easy to use... One of the best features for me is that I can take pictures in the field from my tablet or phone and upload that to a work order."


Harry Johnson, III

Water Commissioner, Youngstown, OH

"Being out in the community, I can pull up iamGIS on my tablet and show anyone our water lines, valves, hydrants- our entire system. They can see where their tax dollars are going and the cost savings at work."

iamGIS is built for municipalities, special districts, and utilities.

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