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With our customizable features and services, we provide industry-specific solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Key Benefits


Government & Public Sector

Empower government agencies with our comprehensive GIS and asset management solutions. Streamline facility management, track public assets, and ensure regulatory compliance. Utilize our 3D mapping capabilities to create detailed models of public infrastructure, visualize city planning projects, and engage citizens with interactive maps and applications.


Real Estate & Property Management

Streamline property management processes, optimize space utilization, and enhance tenant experiences with our GIS and asset management capabilities. Visualize property portfolios, track lease agreements, and manage maintenance and repairs effectively. Additionally, leverage our 3D mapping and custom drone maps to showcase properties and provide immersive experiences for prospective buyers or tenants.


Utilities & Energy

Enhance utility management, monitor infrastructure assets, and ensure reliable service delivery with our GIS and asset management capabilities. Track and manage critical assets, plan preventive maintenance, and optimize network planning and analysis. Utilize our 3D mapping and custom drone maps to create detailed visualizations, monitor energy consumption, and identify areas for improvement in energy efficiency.


Transportation & Logistics

Optimize fleet operations, track assets in real-time, and improve route planning and delivery efficiency with our GIS and asset management solutions. Monitor vehicle performance, manage maintenance schedules, and streamline work order processes to reduce downtime and enhance overall operational productivity. Our 3D mapping feature can also assist in visualizing logistics networks and optimizing supply chain processes.


Education & Institutions

Optimize facility and asset management in educational institutions using our GIS and asset management solutions. Track and manage assets, optimize space utilization, and streamline maintenance and work order processes. Enhance learning experiences with our 3D mapping feature, creating immersive walkthroughs and visualizations of school campuses.


& More

iamGIS is customizable to your specific needs. Unleash the full potential of our GIS software with versatile data visualization and analysis, custom integrations, mobile accessibility, powerful reporting, user-friendly interface, expert support, and continuous updates.

Experience the power of iamGIS across different industries.

Contact us today to learn more about how our GIS, asset, and facilities management solutions can revolutionize your industry-specific operations, drive efficiency, and unlock new possibilities for innovation.

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