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🏢🏗️ Revolutionize Facility Management with iamGIS: Streamlining Asset Tracking and Enhancing Efficiency

October 27, 2023

Effective facility management is essential for the seamless operation of various types of organizations, whether it's a water and wastewater treatment facility, a school, or any other establishment. Managing your assets and infrastructure is crucial, and a digital solution can make a world of difference. In this blog post, we introduce you to iamGIS, a comprehensive facility management solution that not only allows you to track your assets but also provides you with innovative tools to enhance your management practices. We'll explore how this solution can digitize and streamline your asset management processes, inspiring you to build a more efficient facility management system.

Placing an icon on a map is good, but knowing what's inside is even better.

Facility Managment Doll House Photo-1Facility managmenet Floorplan view

iamGIS offers a 2D and 3D floorplan features, which lets you visualize the layout of your facility as if you were peering into a dollhouse. You can create custom layers for assets and equipment within your building, ensuring that assets are accurately placed where they belong. No more cluttered rooftops – you can clearly see where your assets are located and, upon closing the floorplan, your assets disappear from view, simulating the feeling of placing the roof back on the building. Plus, you can add multiple levels and floorplans, each showcasing assets and equipment on different floors, allowing for organized and efficient asset tracking.

Utility departments, such as those in water and wastewater facilities, can significantly benefit from iamGIS. They can create buildings and add floorplans for various locations like pump houses, lift stations, and water treatment facilities. Customizable fields and layers make it easy to keep track of assets like pumps, valves, and equipment. You can even enrich your asset data by attaching photos, videos, and standard operating procedure guides to each asset, providing valuable resources for training the next generation of workers.

Facility management isn't limited to utility departments; it extends to various industries, including schools, churches, and hotels. For instance, schools having a 2D floorplan enables them to monitor the expiration dates of fire suppression equipment and track the last time AEDs were replaced. You can even link to vendor websites to streamline reordering processes. Meanwhile, hotels can ensure the smooth operation of critical assets by maintaining a 2D floorplan, allowing them to pull up asset details with a simple click. The power to access life expectancies and manufacturer information at your fingertips can be a game-changer.

3D tags within iamGIS are a valuable addition. These tags can be used to mark equipment and assets within your 3D scans, providing crucial information to employees who may not be familiar with your facility. What sets them apart is the direct link from the asset within your iamGIS map to the tag, offering users a seamless transition between 3D and 2D floorplans. This integration streamlines your facility management, making it more efficient and ensuring that your team is always well-informed.

iamGIS stands as a powerful facility management solution that offers innovative features, particularly in the form of 3D view and tags. By incorporating 2D floorplans and asset management tools, it empowers organizations to enhance their facility management and asset tracking, making their operations more efficient, transparent, and accessible. With 3D tags, you bridge the gap between 3D scans and 2D floorplans, ensuring that information flows seamlessly, and employees are well-equipped with the insights they need. It's clear that iamGIS is revolutionizing facility management and asset tracking, setting a new standard for excellence in the field.