Using GPS

GPS is a helpful tool in providing your current location and finding your way, especially when you're not as familiar with a given area. iamGIS can use your GPS location to assist you when using a map in iamGIS.


To enable GPS on a map page...

  1. Click on Tools or Main Menu
  2. Click on GPS
  3. Give permission*

If your GPS location is available and iamGIS has permission to access it, the GPS icon will turn blue and you will see a blue dot on the map showing your current location, which will continually update as you move and/or the precision of your location is improved.

*Permissions: In order for iamGIS to use GPS, you must give permission to share your location. The browser will prompt you for permission if it has not done so before; otherwise, it will allow/deny access to your GPS location based on your prior response.


If iamGIS is unable to access your GPS location, there should be a red circle with an exclamation point near the GPS icon. You can hover your mouse over this to get more details. Below are some common means of troubleshooting issues.

  1. Timeout - if it took a long time to try to get your GPS location, it may have simply took too long or your location was unavailable at the time. You may just need to try again.
  2. Permission - if you weren't prompted for permission, are unsure if you've given permission, or accidentally denied permission, you will need to go to the permissions section of your browser settings and change the saved response to grant permission.