User Management

Admins have the ability to manage their users within their organization.

This feature is for Admins Only

From your Dashboard, select the profile button and then the Account page. Under Building Webhooks, you will see the Users tab.

Under the users drop down, it will list all users and their default role within the organization. By selecting one of the users, you can see their basic information (email address, first and last name, and their role). Any of this information can be changed by admins. 

Adding a user - Admins have the ability to add a new user to their organization. Below the last user, select the plus button. This will open a new user form that you will out with their person's email, first and last name, and the permission level (admin, editor, and user). Once information has been added, click the save button. 

If the user's email address domain is not known and set to automatically approve for your organization, the iamGIS support team will need to confirm the email address is valid and allowed within the organization. Once approved, they will be added to the account. 

Updating a user - Admins have the ability to update existing users as well, changing their email address, name, and/or default role. Click on the user and make the desired changes to the field(s) shown, then click the save button.

Deleting a user - Admins have the ability to delete users from their organization. Next to the user's name, click the three dots and then delete. This will remove the user from your organization, no longer allowing them to view the organization's maps. Once users have been deleted, click the save button.