Bulk Delete & Recovery of Features

Along with deleting multiple features, you're able to recover them if you made a mistake.

Within the results window, you're able to delete multiple features at once. If you delete any features by accident, you're able to recover and restore them to their original layer. 

Bulk Delete - From the results window, click the check box next to the feature you want, highlighting that feature. Once you've selected the features you'd like to remove, click the delete button. This will delete those features from the layer and map. 

Bulk Recover - Sometimes we delete features by mistake and would like to get those back. Bulk Recover allows you to restore those features you deleted. At the top of the results window, click the check box next to 'Show deleted'. This will show the deleted features highlighted in red. Click the check box next to the deleted features, highlighting them. Once highlighted, the Recover button will appear above the table. Selecting the recover button will restore the deleted features of your choice.