Editor Overview

This is an Overview of Editor permissions.

  • Opening Feature Details –
    • Feature Details - Add/Edit the values in the fields. Once your changes are complete, click the green save button.
    • History Tab – View changes that have been made over the life of the asset
    • Links Tab – Creating links between assets. Creating assets like work orders that are linked to the existing feature.
    • Media Tab– Media tab allows you to add photos and videos to your asset. Along with any PDFs and documents you want to include.
    • The reminder Bell – The reminder bell allows you to set reminders on assets. Set up a date and time to be notified via email and text messages.

In top right corner of the feature detail window, there are 3 Dots next to the save button. Those give you the ability to: 

      • Move a point and line - Move a point or line by left clicking with your mouse and dragging to the updated location. Click save button to save changes.
      • Split a point - Allows you to break line segment into multiple lines. Changing feature details for multiple lines.
      • Print - Print off feature details, attached media and a thumbnail of the location of the asset
      • Change layer - Move one feature into another layer. 

      Creating a feature

      • Creating a point - Create a point by left clicking with your mouse on the map. Add multiple points by continuously left clicking on the map. Click next fill out feature details for all created points. 
      • Creating a Line - Create a line by left clicking with your mouse and dragging out to the desired length. Double left click to end your line.