The dashboard is the starting point of iamGIS, providing links to your maps, reports, and more.


View the maps that you have access to with links to navigate to them. 

[Admin only] Create a new map by clicking on + new map and filling out the basic information. Upon clicking Save you will be redirected to this new map where you can configure the map as desired. 


See what is happening in your organization(s) at a glance with the available charts and reports. 

My Work Orders

With the My Work Orders chart you can see the work orders that are assigned to you according to their state (new, active, pending, completed) with the option of how far back to look for completed work orders. Below the chart is a list of these work orders with links to go view them on the map. 

Active Work Orders

Active Work Orders chart is only available to admins

The Active Work Orders chart gives visibility [to admins] of all the work orders that are currently active (a state of new, active, pending) according to the users they are assigned to, allowing you to quickly see the current workload of your users.  

Feature Activity

Get a pulse of the activity level at your organization with the Feature Activity chart, where you can see how many updates have been made recently according to the users who made the update - choose from the past 30 days, 90 days, or year to date. 

⚙️Configuration Settings for reports

Control whether or not the My Work Orders chart and/or Active Work Orders chart show on your dashboard by using the configuration setting found on your profile page

If you are an admin, control which of your users can view the chart of the Feature Activity by using the configuration setting found on the account page. This setting will simply control which users can see the chart visual that shows the updates made by each user; the total number of updates will still show, as well as the total feature count at the bottom.