Adding a Building and Floorplan

Adding a building and a floorplan can be used for facility management. Adding features to the floorplan to show where they are located.

Note: Access is restricted to Admins only


The building feature is a great tool that can be used for adding your facilities to your map. When the building is added, you can also upload floorplans to the building to be displayed when it is selected. You can edit the floorplans, resizing them to fit your facility's footprint and rotate the image to fit its location. When the floorplan is added, you can add features that will only be visible when the building is selected. 

Changing the Name of the Building

By selecting the building, you will bring up the Facility details in top-left corner above the search bar. By selecting the three dots and clicking edit building, you'll be able to rename your building, give it a description, and choose a color. This is where we also link your 3D scan to the facility.



Adding Fields to your Facility

You can add fields like any other layer to your facility. From your profile button, select Account. Once in Account Settings, open the drop down for Fields under Buildings. Click the plus sign to add a field. Once complete, click save. 

To view and add values to the fields, select your building, opening the facility details window. Click on the three dots and click edit building. This will show all the newly created fields, allowing you to add values to them. Once complete, select Save.